Ger Youth Center

Dedicated to serving the children and youth in Northern California


“Ger” Youth Center operates on students’ tuition and public donations that enable to purchase textbooks, school supplies, costumes, musical instruments and professional individuals’ compensation. Thank you for your generous contributions to create positive changes in lives of children and youth in the United States and in Mongolia.

Donor’s Circles:
The Mongolian famous poet, P.Badarch, wrote that Mongolia is home for 9 valued treasures. By helping Mongolian children you will enter into one of those 9 CIRCLES OF TREASURES:
______$100 Steel Treasures – Ган Эрдэнэ
______$200 Lapis Lazuli Treasures – Номин Эрдэнэ
______$300 Turquoise Treasures – Оюу Эрдэнэ
______$400 Copper Treasures – Зэс Эрдэнэ
______$500 Pearl Treasures – Сувд Эрдэнэ
______$600 Mother Pearl Treasures – Тана Эрдэнэ
______$700 Corral Treasures – Шүр Эрдэнэ
______$800 Silver Treasures – Мөнгөн Эрдэнэ
______$900 Golden Treasures – Алтан Эрдэнэ

You may donate online with major credit cards or Paypal here. We appreciate your generous support!