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Educational Program -Bi Mongol

“Ger” Youth Center’s education program is designed to assist children and youth to broaden their horizons and improve their knowledge of Mongolian language and Culture. The program also provides counseling, tutoring and assistance in applying for higher education institutions.

Mongolians have settled in increasing numbers in the SF Bay Area in the last 10 years, and the younger generations are fast becoming homogenized.  This change has been thinning the linkages of immigrant Mongolian families to their own culture and traditions. Mongolian language is becoming more of a second language for Mongolian children who are born and raised in foreign countries.

Therefore, “Ger” Youth Center is establishing “Bi Mongol” educational program to preserve Mongolian language and traditions, to expose our youth to that traditions/culture among the Mongolian-American youth in the SF Bay Area.

Students enrolled in “Bi Mongol” program will be introduced to Mongolian language, Literature and drama, History of Mongolia, Mongolian music, Dance and Chess. Mongolian Language for adult non-Mongolian speakers is available upon request. Please email for more information.

Address: Oakland Asian Cultural Center

388 9th Street Suite #290

Oakland, CA

 Email:                                                                       Утас: 415-632-2502, 510-759-9229

Extracurricular activities: Field trips to National parks, Colleges, Museums and main places of attraction in the Bay Area. Summer tours may be scheduled. Additional fees will be applied.

Staff: Experienced teachers and professionals living in the Bay Area.

Prerequisite: Applicant must have an interest in learning Mongolian language and traditions. Must be 5 years old and up.

Program cost: $5-8 per hour for group classes that covers instructor fees, costumes, books, handouts and supplies.

Second child of the family receives 10% discount.

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. Late fee $10 would apply if the tuition is not paid by the 10th. Tuition is received on our website.

“Bi Mongol” Program Launched-10/11/2009

Ger Youth Center launched its “Bi Mongol” Education program at Oakland Asian Cultural Center on October 11, 2009. The program offers classes in Mongolian ranging from Traditional dance courses to Mongolian language, which are taught by professional Mongolian instructors who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Bi Mongol” Education program aims:
1) to introduce, inherit and share the traditional Mongolian culture, history, language and the uniqueness of the heritage;
2) to learn to preserve the land of our origin and maintain the pride to be Mongolian amongst younger generation of Mongolians growing up in the United States.

“Bi Mongol” Education program will offer the following courses in near future.

  • Mongolian Language
  • Traditional Mongolian music and songs
  • Folk dance
  • History of Mongolia
  • Chess
  • Art

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