Ger Youth Center

Dedicated to serving the children and youth in Northern California


“Ger” Youth Center is a community based, non-profit organization and it is tax exempt under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. It was founded in April, 2009 by Mongolian immigrants living in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are devoted to preserving and promoting the traditional arts, culture and the heritage language among the younger generations of the Mongolian community in the United States.

Vision: Children and Youth flourish to be successful leaders of the 21st century.

Mission: “Ger” Youth Center is dedicated to supporting, promoting and educating children and youth through educational and cultural programs to assist them in achieving their highest potential.

Values: We value respect, dignity, kindness and integrity.

Finance: “Ger” Youth Center operates on students’ tuition and public donations that enable to purchase textbooks, school supplies, costumes, musical instruments and professional individuals’ compensation. Thank you for your generous contributions to create positive changes in lives of children and youth in the United States and in Mongolia.